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Pamela Ruppel
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Pam Ruppel has over 35 years of experience after her undergraduate degree and is a board certified PMHNP-psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.


Pam has been working as a nurse practitioner since 2001; as a nurse since 1987. She is credentialed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

She is a member of the Neuroscience Education Institute. She is a member of the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.


Pam understands that each individual has a unique situation leading them to seek help and she provides a safe, confidential, and comfortable place to discuss and formulate a plan. She knows it is difficult to confide in someone and she is easy to talk with and nonjudgmental.


She not only interviews patients to formulate a plan but also collaborates with the medical team, reviews diagnostic information and consults with specialists as needed.  She believes that specialists do not coordinate enough with each other due to the time constraints and effort it takes. She likes the challenge and advocates for her patients constantly.


She is unique because she considers her patients part of her family and treats them as such.

Pam has had a variety of experiences in the medical field, having worked full time in medicine for over 35 years.  She has worked in Pediatric, Neonatal, and Adult ICUs.  She has worked in gastroenterology, cardiology, addiction medicine and detox, intensive outpatient recovery and long term care.  She uses her varied experiences in her everyday practice as she understands the unique health issues contributing to emotional issues and needs.


She is credentialed by most insurance carriers including Medicare and Medicaid.  Call or email for inquiries.

Pam is very excited to be in fellowship training with MAPS at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute currently.  She will graduate with her Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Certification.

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